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to work together?

I know your needs are individual, which is why I have created three unique programs to best meet your personal growth goals. I will be with you each step of the way in providing an easily achievable path to your best life. 


  • Option 1 -  1:1 Nutrition and Life Coaching

  • Option 2 -  1:1 Life and Relationship Coaching

  • Option 3 -  Self-paced, Online Nutrition Guidance


To get started, select one of the programs below or schedule your free, 20-minute consultation and together we can determine which path is best for you!

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Package One 

1:1 Life & Nutrition Coaching

Imagine a life overflowing with happiness and health, achieved by doing less, not more! Our work together is not about adding more to your plate, it's about shedding what's holding you back and claiming the vibrant health and happiness you deserve. If you are ready to ditch restrictive diets and embrace a life that truly lights you up, let me help design a personalized plan to get you there!.


  • Your personal archetypes chart

  • 6 months of weekly 1:1 calls with me

  • Current assessment of habits and goals

  • An easily achievable personalized plan 

  • Rediscover your life passions

  • Learn how to eat for true pleasure

  • Daily accountability and inspiration

  • Access for the online coaching program

Opton One

Package Two 

1:1 Life & Relationship Coaching

What if I told you play, joy, and love aren't just detours on the road to living – they are the very fuel that propels you there? When you infuse your life with laughter, love, and the thrill of the moment, you attract the best in life and your personal and relationship goals transform from distant mirages into irresistible destinations. Start now and begin creating a life you truly love to live!


  • Your personal Archetype

  • 3 months of weekly 1:1 calls with me

  • Current assessment of habits and goals

  • How to play and experience pure joy

  • How to fall in love with yourself

  • How to attract the love you deserve

  • Daily accountability and inspiration

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Option Two
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Package Three 

Self-paced Nutrition Guidance

Ready to ditch the stress and embrace the fun? Forget counting calories or tracking macros – this program is about tuning into your body's wisdom and discovering a balanced, joyful approach to eating. This 12-week course will guide you toward making nourishing choices with a playful spirit, so you can fuel your body and feel fantastic!


  • Twelve weeks of self-paced video lessons

  • Go from always tired and hungry to feeling happy, satisfied and empowered

  • Fall in love with your body

  • Eat your favorite foods without guilt

  • Learn how to maintain your perfect weight

  • Lessons available immediately upon sign up

Option Three

Archetypes Chart

Detailed report of your archetypes

Do you have the same pattern running in your life and hurting you?


Just like we have DNA running our bodies, we also have subconscious archetypes that affecting our daily decisions and therefore creating our lives.

Once you understand these unseen forces, you will be able to harness them and use their powers to reach your dreams instead of suffering due to the harmful life patterns.


  • 2-hour one-on-one healing session to release past trauma

  • Detailed report of 9 archetype placements

  • Understand the unconscious patterns that are directing your life

  • Learn how to stop unwanted events from repeating

  • Heal past pains and traumas once and for all

  • Create a plan for the life you are destined to have

  • Report-only is also available as an option

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Option Two
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