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"This could be the program to win you over"
​- Harper's Bazaar

"Try 3-min brownies with 4 ingredients"
​- ABC7

"I loved it and would tell anyone to try it"
- People Magazine

"This is delicious!"

- Lifetime Channel




clients are


"Before working with Alina, I have been down the path of weight loss and different diets and fasts. I would drop some weight and regain it and more. I would get frustrated and unhappy with myself and the fact that I lacked discipline and even was sabotaging my progress.

As much as I knew self-love and looking at other elements of holding on to weight were important, I never quite got it.

Working with Alina has been a breath of fresh air and brings with it much needed grace and understanding.

I have been able to understand the connection of our old stories and traumas as well as stress of all kind to gaining and retaining weight.
I finally learned what my constitution is when it comes to Ayurveda and that in itself has helped me release weight.

Alina has been an ally and a coach. She has taught me to love myself through the ups and downs and free myself from negative self thought. I was able to leave a professional position that was not serving me and have the confidence to focus on my own business.

I have been able to eat healthier, allow my body to feel safe and trust me to be loving and kind to her.

Alina is a master in integrating multiple talents and credentials to create this wonderful coaching program."

- Shirin, H

Santa Cruz, CA

" I had the privilege of working with Alina to help me sort out my nutritional issues. She helped me to understand how I was not receiving the best nutritional bang for my buck with the foods I was choosing.

She connected the dots for me about how what I was eating made me feel physically mentally and even emotionally. Alina was gentle in her approach while at the same time being very clear and no-nonsense in the best way possible..

- Valerie L,

 Boca Raton, FL 


I first met Alina about 8 years ago… I had by pass surgery and could not get my Cholesterol to a safe level, so i decided to become a vegan… my wife and I had no idea how to shop and prepare vegan food, i searched out vegan chefs and found Alina… She was truly amazing and gave us a path to how to shop for and prepare vegan meals at home…

​To this day my wife still uses many of Alina‘s recipes y main meals, deserts and snacks… my cholesterol went from 200 to 125 with no medication… I am forever grateful to this talented wonderful woman!!!

- Billy K,
Boca Raton, FL

"Having multiple food intolerances and Crohn's disease, I was searching for a nutritionist that could work with my unique needs and help guide me to better health (and loose a few pounds along the way!) I immediately connected with Alina's approach to nutrition- grounded in eating whole foods and not depriving yourself, her philosophy about body and blood type and its effects on our weight and health-and decided she was the right fit.

​Having a food company, I felt I'd tried most everything - but Alina introduced me to new super foods to add into my repertoire.

During my session with Alina I had a full flare of my Crohn's, and together we were able to calm the flare with foods that supported my medication and advice from my doctor.

​In our discussions we went way deeper than just nutrition, tapping into why my body was upset and not following the direction of my mind. About two-thirds of the way thru the session my body and mind finally felt into sync.

She has taught me to rethink why I ate, what I eat and how to eat, and most importantly to listen to my body and what it is telling me. Nutrition is more than just nutrients and calories - it is giving your body what it TRUELY needs when it needs it - something Alina has taught me."

- Carey G,

Washington DC


"From this quality nutrition, I lost 50 lbs and my energy  level has skyrocketed. Finally, my body was in line with my desire to take on the world. My job requires me to travel and write and to stay in hotels and speak to doctors, patients, medical and business professionals and more.  This newfound energy has not only helped me tackle multiple projects, but  it has made me conscious of what I put in my body.

In addition, it has my mind sharper, improved my romance level in my  relationships, made my skin glow and has brightened my  outlook. It is neat how a simple alteration in my diet has created a whole array of positive change.  Je ne regretted rien!"

- Jonathan W, 

Miami Beach, FL

"Working with Alina is a wonderful and blossoming experience! Her presence, softness and honesty help you settle into a receptive place instantly. We explored several topics throughout our meetings that explain what it means to be in my feminine space. Then she teaches you what masculine qualities are and what a man needs in order to be in a healthy relationship where he will thrive and adore you.

This all seems obvious but the small slight differences that we explored together in each session make a huge difference in real life."

- Marlen B,
Northern California 


"The moment I met Alina I knew she was a very special person.  She is filled with such a huge array of talent, knowledge and passion.  I learn something new every time I work with her.  Our customers really respond to her method of teaching and look forward to her classes each month.  

Each of her classes has been full with a wait list within the first few days of registration.  She is such a pleasure to work with, as well as inspiring.  I look forward to hosting more events with her in the future."

- Abigail N

Boca Raton, FL

As a yoga teacher and practitioner for over 30 years, I have been exposed to many principals of healthy eating and living, but a recent turn of events in my private and professional life, just threw everything I know to be good for me out of wack, and I was living on hard boiled, albeit, organic eggs.

My cholesterol level was rising for the first time in my life, and I had no energy. I now am including sprouts, green drinks and grains into my daily diet, no matter how busy I get, and the results are amazing. In three months my cholesterol level dropped and my nerves are healing.

Sometimes we think we know more than we really do, and sometimes we just need a jump start. You are my catalyst to a future of balanced eating and living,
and I am eternally grateful.

Boca Raton, FL


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